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marzo 19, 2018
Ceremonias con la planta San Pedro
marzo 22, 2018
San Pedro, Wachuma or Agua Colla is the name of the ceremonial and medicinal drink, prepared on the basis of a species of Cactus that grows in South America. Through an ancestral ritual, it allows us to experiment on many occasions a state of mental, physical and spiritual healing.

San Pedro is the name given to the autochthonous cactus of South America, scientifically known as Trichocereus pachanoi, used since ancient times as a power plant, visionary plant and medicinal plant, by shamans, healers and men of power of the different Andean cultures of the zones comprised from the north of Chile, Argentina, happening through Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, and Colombia.
There are records of its use since more than 3500 years ago in Chavín de Huantar and other ceremonial centers of pre-Inca Peru, being used through the preparation of a sacred drink called Wachuma, Agua Colla, Torch, etc. At the arrival of the Spaniards, the stories tell that some Jesuit monks tried this drink with which the natives made ceremonies, and they called it SAN PEDRO, since in their experience, they visited the sky, and considered that the plant was the key who opened heaven’s door.
Currently the Wachuma or San Pedro is used by different Andean cultures in their rituals of spiritual, physical and mental healing, also used by healers, midwives and other practitioners of the Andean spiritual world.

Our personal history with the medicine of San Pedro

Our beginnings to ancestral medicine came gradually and in 2010 we decided to leave it all behind and follow the ancestral teachings. As professional designers, we were able to create many ancestral themed products and open our “magical store” - we are a couple who combines all types of healing into our practice. San Pedro has given us a magical experience and has allowed us to awaken to a completely new knowledge for us.

Through this journey, we met Lichi, a teacher Chakaruna Argentino, carrier of the Shipibo tradition among others, with whom we shared the Ayahuasca and other medicines, for a couple of years, where we were also initiated into the tradition of Reiki and the Temazcal, medicine music, and a series of tools that allowed us to complement our knowledge.

At that time we lived in Chile, and the only native master plant in our area was the San Pedro cactus with which we began to learn and to work with. We identified ourselves by its energy, strength and the enormous healing properties that it unleashed on us.
After our learning journey with our teacher Lichi, we continued with ceremonies and started practicing with San Pedro medicine alone. We began to share the Wachuma, and both in Peru and in Ecuador. Through our service, we continue to learn and experience the different ways of healing and praying - honoring our ancestors’ way.
Through the medicine of San Pedro, we were able to remember the work of our ancestors, the connection with plants, people and the universe, from our heart, we revalue the family, accepting each one as we are, and recognizing the importance of all parts of existence.

We currently live in Cuenca, Ecuador, where we run a holistic center, carrying out different activities and experiences related to ancestral medicines, we are part and family of the Quishwa Sacha Wasi community, where we share and continue to learn from their wisdom and medicines.

About the ceremony of San Pedro

For the ceremony we ask for maximum respect, we are working with a very sacred plant. This ceremony is done at night, with a bonfire or as a "velada" in a dark room with candles.
The ceremony begins with the opening of a magic circle with the elements and asking for permission from Mother Earth and the elementals, praying for healing and asking for the kindness and help of all the ceremonial elements.
The intake is accompanied by natural tobacco. The tobacco is another fundamental medicine in ceremonies with master plants, is the ideal companion, it is also recommended to drink water, only if necessary in small quantities.

As we open or start the ceremony the following steps are observed and respected:
Silence and attention are kept to ourselves
At the beginning of the ceremony we sit in a circle with our backs straight
No talking or comments are allowed – allowing the participants to enter into their deep process of introspection, where the medicine of the plant is "awakened" with songs and instruments such as rattles, drum and guitars.
Sometimes the medicine makes us "purge" which is a vomit of energy and cleanliness. This is considered a process of healing and elimination of negative energies, diseases or evils of the body and mind.
This process should be freely appreciated and accepted – this is one of the ways the plant heals. After the purge if any, the experience becomes pleasant, we feel lighter and with a lot of energy.
If a situation arises, you will always have the help of one of the guides of the ceremony, who will assist and care for all your needs.
In any situation, you are also encouraged to practice self-control and silence at all times, respect for others is essential since each participant of the ceremony is in their own personal processes. The guides hold the space with silence and music as long as the ceremony lasts.


Purge, physical (organic) and psychological (spiritual) cleansing.
Addictions and drug addictions.
Self-knowledge, self-evaluation, self-analysis.
It can cure Insomnia.
Healing relationships with our life.
Regression or introspection.

What do we need in the ceremony?

Comfortable and warm clothes, preferably cotton.
Sleeping bag or blanket.
A bottle of water.
Food to share the next day (fruits, cereals, whole foods).
Sacred elements to recharge on the altar like gems, photos, amulets, rings, pendants, etc.

It is not recommended for people with chronic cardiac pathologies, hypertensive patients of chronic severe uncontrolled character, people who have had psychotic symptoms, schizophrenia, or those who suffer from epileptic disorders. **It is essential that the people who are taking / administering medication on a regular basis, to please inform the guides.

The most important of the recommendations for the intake of the plant is to be calm and breathe deeply constantly.

Alejandro will be hosting a San Pedro Ceremonial in our 7 days of Yoga & Ancestral Healing Arts Retreat


Alejandro and Monica

Espacio Amalá

Alejandro and Monica propose experiences of self-knowledge and relaxation, where through different dynamics, ancestral medicines, music, art, rituals and other tools; we seek to share in contexts of nature and personal growth to achieve harmony and balance in your life.

Their Magic Store is the creative space where their energetic craftsmanship takes life through materials that Mother Earth gives us such as quartz, flowers, resins, wood, and a magical world full of inspiration and harmony.
Alejandro conducts master plants ceremonies, leads ancestral temazcal ceremonies, Reiki master, sound therapy practitioner and ceremonial musician.
Monica is the designer of their ancestral product line, temazcal and ancestral ceremonies guide, Reiki master, Bach flower remedy practitioner.
Our mission at OM Healing Center is to offer you a comfortable space where you have all of the tools needed in order to find motivation, dedication and transformation to reach optimum balance.
OM Healing Center offers daily Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga Classes, private yoga classes, meditation, yoga teacher training, a combination of Yoga and touristic trip to incredible India. As part of our alternative medicine, we offer a holistic approach to health through Homeopathy, Quantum Healing, Ayurveda Medicine, Ancestral Medicine, Ayurveda Massage, and Cranial massage, Reiki Energy Healing, Nutritional Coaching and Psychotherapy.

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