Ayahuasca as a Medicinal Plant
marzo 4, 2018
Medicina Ancestral
marzo 19, 2018

Ancestral Medicine


Ancestral medicine is a set of knowledge and valuable therapeutic practices that are transmitted generationally through oral tradition. It is based on a purely empirical knowledge that can not be studied by courses or books, but is born from within and implemented with the guidance of someone who has already walked the same paths. Ancestral medicine is the response of different cultures to disease and is based on the popular concept that any physical discomfort is the manifestation of a disharmony. The true healing is the restoration of the harmony between soul and spirit body, between our physical, emotional and spiritual mental dimension. The healer, the healer, the shaman, are bridges between worlds, for this reason his figure is present in all cultures of all times as wise.

The need to have people who know how to be guides to deeper parts of our being, who can communicate with nature and in some cases with spirits, derives from the fact that each society admits that the soul gets sick and that nature is a great pharmacy for humanity and that speaks a language made of symbols that healers use to heal. The common medicine is very useful for emergencies, without a doubt, but it reflects the same diversification and specialization of the knowledge of our modern society. If I break an arm, I run to the hospital, but if my stomach hurts for months or I show continuous tiredness, maybe there is something in my lifestyle that nees changing, or an emotion stored. I need to elaborate and become aware and I have to realize that I am whole, I can not divide myself into parts. Ancestral medicine looks at the individual beyond the physical and beyond its parts, it has a holistic and integral approach. Integrating it into our daily life is an invitation to get to know ourselves better, to recognize the signals of our body and our surroundings, to awaken intuition, to learn to take care of ourselves, to prevent diseases living in a more harmonious way with ourselves and the nature that surrounds us.

It can not benefit our lives and our relationships to perceive how energy moves and transforms; Be aware that what I say, think and do has to go in the same direction so that my energy centers are in harmony and that we are not separated from nature and its forces. Understanding that the elements compose us and that I can relate to them to relate better to myself is a revolution in our way of conceiving reality because it gives us the power to transmute diseases and pains into tools of self-knowledge and self-healing. The ancestral medicine in my life is fundamental to walk in a more conscious way on this Earth and it is a great invitation to understand that health, in its broadest sense, and respect for nature and as a consequence of ourselves that we are part of of it, it is our responsibility.

Ambra Galleotti

Ambra Galleotti, Italian by birth and resident in Ecuador for seven years, is a Doctor in Anthropology and Intercultural Communication with years of studies in Italy (University of Turin Studies) and Madrid (Universidad Complutense) on American ancestral cultures. She deals with ancestral and intercultural medicine, distributes products for female harmonization and carries out courses and pieces of textile art. In 2010, her share with the indigenous communities began in Mexico studying the textile art of the indigenous Tzotzil weavers of the Altos de Chiapas and she continued in Italy the studies of the ancestral art of weaving with the teacher Paola Besana, renowned weaver and artist at the international.

In Ecuador since 2012 he began his training in ancestral medicine accompanying the Taita Alejandro Méndez Marulanda, Yanacona ancestral doctor certified by the Colombian Indigenous Government and UNESCO. Together, they create the Clan Arcoiris Ceremonial Center in Ecuador to promote, preserve and disseminate ancestral knowledge through oral tradition and Amazonian indigenous medicine rituals, creating respect and awareness of Mother Nature. In 2014 he continues with his training on the oracles with the master Nelson Atamashi and joins his knowledge on I-Ching the practice of reading the Egyptian tarot. In the Province of Azuay since 2015 he continues to share experiences and rituals of ancestral medicine with the realities of the territory. She works with SOS Children's Villages, implementing micro-entrepreneurship activities and protection of rights with the realization of a cosmetics line based on medicinal plants, training rural women from San José de Raranga. With the teacher Kalvin Nicholson and Mama Yama, he obtains in Cuenca the diploma of reikista, technique of channeling and transmission of vital energy through the laying on of hands. In 2017, she was adopted by the Kichwa Sacha Wasi community, which recognizes and supports her work as a medicine woman with the Ayahuasca plant together with the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.

Currently Ambra performs monthly rituals and attends in the center of Cuenca in his office "Anuar" of the Bajada del Padrón. Ancestral and intercultural medicine, integral harmonization therapies and massages, Ayahuasca rituals, oracle reading, ancestral arts workshops, handicrafts and the products proposed with the name Anuar, which means "to illuminate", have the purpose of lighting a light so that the magic enters subtly in the lives of those who receive them as an invitation to self-knowledge, a door to the path of healing.
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