Ayahuasca como Planta Medicinal
marzo 4, 2018
Ancestral Medicine
marzo 19, 2018

Ayahuasca as a Medicinal Plant

Ayahuasca is a Ancestral medicinal plant, the axis of the Amazonian ancestral medicine and it is also much more than that, it is a sacred plant, a master plant that teaches us with love. In addition to being an excellent cleanser and a cell regenerator scientifically recognized, Ayahuasca is considered sacred medicine because it helps us to cleanse emotionally, mentally and spiritually, facilitating states of deep meditation and connection with the universe that surrounds us and composes amplifying our senses and sensations.

It is said that Ayahuasca "calls you". A series of supposed coincidences take you one day in front of an altar with your first cup of Ayahuasca in your hands. I arrived at that moment in 2012 and I entered into such a familiar dimension that I felt truly at home for the first time in my life. For several months I participated promptly in several rituals and little by little the same plant began to give me indications so that you would support the "Taita" who directed the rituals. That's where my true learning began, which has led me to continue learning from myself, from the master plants and from all those people who fill my walk with their wisdom.

The Ayahuasca that I prepare is a loving medicine, it teaches with tenderness, although sometimes it does not save some good scolding if it is the case, exactly as would any good teacher who needs to teach us the sacred art of living. My approach to ancestral medicine is intercultural, I feel like a bridge between several cultures, and sometimes even dimensions, but not belonging to any one in particular. The rituals of Ayahuasca are nocturnal to facilitate the process of interiorization, they begin with a conversation and they develop in a place possibly with nature around between silences and songs until dawn. The process closes with a group harmonization and sharing the experience with others, always thanking all the forces of nature that accompanied us during the ceremony.

My life has taken a giant and unexpected turn since my first ritual. I was always curious and interested in everything that our impossibility of understanding calls "magic". Since I was a little girl I played with enchantments, potions, I lost myself alone in the forests of my mountain to play with plants and animals. I studied anthropology to understand how man gave different answers according to his culture to topics such as death, illness, happiness, love, healing, etc. I would never have imagined that I would find the other side of the mirror, being myself part of what was my object of study at that time. In addition, growing one forgets the magic, although it is inside. The Ayahuasca helped me to see it again and to feel it more real than real, to use it to heal my relationships and it was a door to myself, to the sacred that shelters me. From there my senses and my intuition were sharpened and the path was formed by itself.

Ayahuasca is not for everyone. There are many ways to get to know each other, many ways to heal. Whoever feels the call or interest to participate in this type of ritual has to prepare to receive a mirror that reflects without masks. Sometimes that mirror can speak clearly or do it for symbols, it can treat us beautifully or it puts us well to the test. The ritual of Ayahuasca is a delivery, it is very important to understand it, it is a fascinating surrender to the unknown. There are many plants of power that provide great healing and understanding, but the particularity of Ayahuasca, which makes it a complete teacher, in my opinion, is its ability to be cleaning our body and teaching our mind and our emotions at the same time. After the ritual we enter the world with different eyes, lighter physically and more simply see the supposed reality. The Ayahuasca ancestrally is called Yagé, the Key, because it allows us to open a door to ourselves - as we are another door to the universe that surrounds us. It's like opening a matrioshka, those Russian dolls that are one inside the other: knowing more about us we can connect more deeply with our environment and with the forces of nature. People who take Ayahuasca are sometimes afraid of losing consciousness, but in reality it is the other way around, they become more aware. There are studies on people who regularly consume ayahuasca by choice (because it has no addictive effect) and show how their quality of life has improved in many aspects: relational, health, emotional, social, cognitive, etc. Being a power plant, the only recommendation I make to those who decide to start that walk, is to take it in a ritual led by a "Taita or a Maima" who have had years of learning and connection with the plant and possibly that they cook the medicine they serve. In all these years I never met someone who has regretted having participated in a ritual of Ayahuasca, the encounter with her, the power to take the so-called "Wine of the Gods", is a gift for existence.

Ambra Galleotti

Ambra Galleotti, Italian by birth and resident in Ecuador for seven years, is a Doctor in Anthropology and Intercultural Communication with years of studies in Italy (University of Turin Studies) and Madrid (Universidad Complutense) on American ancestral cultures. She deals with ancestral and intercultural medicine, distributes products for female harmonization and carries out courses and pieces of textile art.

In 2010, her share with the indigenous communities began in Mexico studying the textile art of the indigenous Tzotzil weavers of the Altos de Chiapas and she continued in Italy the studies of the ancestral art of weaving with the teacher Paola Besana, renowned weaver and artist at the international. In Ecuador since 2012, Ambra began her training in ancestral medicine accompanying the Taita Alejandro Méndez Marulanda, Yanacona ancestral doctor certified by the Colombian Indigenous Government and UNESCO. Together, they create the Clan Arcoiris Ceremonial Center in Ecuador to promote, preserve and disseminate ancestral knowledge through oral tradition and Amazonian indigenous medicine rituals, creating respect and awareness of Mother Nature. In 2014 he continues with his training on the oracles with the master Nelson Atamashi and joins his knowledge on I-Ching the practice of reading the Egyptian tarot. In the Province of Azuay since 2015 he continues to share experiences and rituals of ancestral medicine with the realities of the territory. She works with SOS Children's Villages, implementing micro-entrepreneurship activities and protection of rights with the realization of a cosmetics line based on medicinal plants, training rural women from San José de Raranga. With the teacher Kalvin Nicholson and Mama Yama, she obtained in Cuenca the diploma of reikista, technique of channeling and transmission of vital energy through the laying on of hands. In 2017, she was adopted by the Kichwa Sacha Wasi community, which recognizes and supports her work as a medicine woman with the Ayahuasca plant together with the Ministry of Culture of Ecuador.

Currently Ambra performs monthly rituals and attends in the center of Cuenca in her office "Anuar" of the Bajada del Padrón. Ancestral and intercultural medicine, integral harmonization therapies and massages, Ayahuasca rituals, oracle reading, ancestral arts workshops, handicrafts and the products proposed with the name Anuar, which means "to illuminate", have the purpose of lighting a light so that the magic enters subtly in the lives of those who receive them as an invitation to self-knowledge, a door to the path of healing.
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