WHY I TEACH YOGA – Jerri Ridley

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WHY I TEACH YOGA – Jerri Ridley

My name is Jerri Elena Ridley.

I have been a Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist for the last 16 years.

I understand and appreciate the power of a focused breath work and stretching for the maintenance of Muscle Tissue, overall Body Health, and Positive Self-Actualization.

The regular practice of Yoga Ignites Your Essence and Progresses Your Mind, Body and Spirit in a continually beneficial frame work for Powerful Healing.

I am developing a style of exercise I like to call “Myotrophy Breathomics Yoga.” ™

{Myotrophy, being Muscle Nutrition, and Breathomics is my new word of “being in the practice of Respiration and Inspiration.”}

The focus is to create a strong and consistent Meditative Connection with your Breath, to your Muscles, while staying grounded throughout the exercises.

During my career in Body Therapies, I have recognized the “Power of the Mind” and “What You Believe You Can Achieve” with consistency, for improving overall Body Health and Circulation.

Miracles can happen. But, minimally, you will gain Self-Confidence, Stability, Vision, and Heart Happiness.

Take a positive step forward, and a deep breath into a new generation of understanding yourself.

Thank you for the honor of being your guide!

Jerri Ridley

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