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mayo 11, 2017
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junio 12, 2017

How do we define YOGA


Yoga – the integration of oneself – helps us in our personal transformational journey. This is where we learn about ourselves by experiencing the deepest parts of us.

Yoga is about flexibility of the mind which helps us with the flexibility of our bodies. What is important is our commitment to grow during our practice. Growth shows us how we become each pose and not how we look in each pose. Yoga is about being and not doing.

There is no ‘right’ way to do yoga. There is no such thing as a perfect asana. Just as we all have our own, unique personalities, we will all have our own, unique practice. This can be referred to as perfection in action.

During our practice, there will always be someone whose poses are deeper than yours and others who are just starting. The collective energy of the class is what makes an enjoyable practice. Every practice is an expression of us.

Expectations will always disappoint us – it is very important to let go of your expectation and let things come to you. When you have no resistance, it’s exactly the time when transformation will occur.


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